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We review files with the needs of small business owners in mind. We make sure that we provide funding options that will make sense for our clients, and ensure that our options will make sense in the short and long term.

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We review every application knowing that our clients come to us with an opportunity. Every time we approve a file, we ensure that we are able to provide funding without any strings attached. The results? Faster and more efficient funding for our customers.


Our clients and partners choose us because they know we care. Honesty and integrity are what we were built on, so we make sure that our entire staff works with that in mind.

We focus on cash flow and your specific business, not your credit. We Have programs that fit any business type situation and credit profile

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We focus on cash flow and your specific business, not your credit. We Have programs that
fit any business type situation and credit profile

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The days of walking into your bank are long gone, and Financial Technology firms such as Money Tree Lending Capital are the new wave of financing for the opportunity minded business owner. Apply today, and work with a company built on the speed of business.


We used Money Tree Lending to help us get our inventory in line for the upcoming season. We were able to get our inventory at a significant discount which saved us 20% and helped us make a much larger profit for the season. The funds Money Tree Lending helped us secure made the season a financial success. The process was clear, my account executive at Money Tree Lending Capital held my hand throughout the entire process, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results of our loan.

Teresa G.

My business needed a capital to expand…. The bank wouldn’t give us the money we needed so we applied with Money Tree Lending Capital. They were able to get us the money we needed quickly and our expansion plan was implemented quickly.We got a great rate and a 16 month term on our loan. It fit our business perfectly. The entire process took 4 days from our initial application until we had the funds in our account.

Steve C.

My business was growing and growing and we needed some additional capital to keep up with our rapid growth to hire additional employees. Due to credit issues, and I couldn’t get a loan from my local bank. I saw their ad online and I applied with Money Tree Landing Capital and they were able to get me a loan, even with my bad credit. My business growth didn’t suffer because of my credit score. Money Tree Lending offered me several loan options to help my business. They understood me and my business was much more than my credit score.

Ken T.

Our business had a merchant cash advance but we needed additional capital for an upcoming project. The company we had told us we didn’t qualify for additional capital. We applied at Money Tree Lending and they were able to buy out our current cash advance and get us the additional 25K we needed. They did not charge us any junk fees, and the rate was better than what we previously had. We closed our loan in 2 days! Thank You Money Tree Lending Capital.

Peter M.

My business needed a new truck as one of our trucks suddenly went down. I had loads backing up, and not enough capital to buy another truck. Unfortunately my business and personal credit wasn’t the best, so leasing wasn’t an option. A client referred me to Money Tree Lending Capital. I applied and was approved for $100,000 in less than 24 hours. I was able to purchase a new truck and trailer, with additional capital to take on an additional driver. I knew I could pay off the loan in under 6 months so they structured me an early payoff discount, which saved me 8% on the cost of the loan. With Money Tree Lending Capital, I’m on track expand my fleet by 4 trucks before year ends

David L.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) loan?

A business cash advance from Money Tree Lending Capital is a lump sum of cash that we transfer into your business checking account. We will then deduct a small percentage of your company’s future sales until the cash advance is paid back. You won’t need to worry about making payments or missing deadlines; it’s all taken care of while you run your business!

Applications are generally reviewed within the first 2-3 business hours after an application has been submitted. Funding for your business will be available within 1-2 business days.

If you have a bad credit score your application will still be given equal consideration. We fund deals for businesses with bad credit and with principals who have very low FICO scores.

We’re able to provide your business the best rates industry. The interest cost depends on, among other factors, your industry and time in business.

Your funding amount depends on your monthly gross revenue and/or monthly credit card sales. However, we consider your type of business and how long you’ve been in business as well. The maximum financing amount we fund is around 150% your average gross monthly revenue

You are always welcome to pay off your advance early. In most cases we can add an early payoff discount to save you money when you do so. There is no penalty for an early off of your advance

None at all.